About I will tell you something more about me :^)
My name is Bruno, I am from Poland 🇵🇱 but I was born in England Bournemouth. I live in a small town in Dolnoslaskie in consequence my internet connection is very slow 🐌. I start programming when I was 8 years old I was programming simple website's in HTML and CSS now i writing more complex projects just look at my Github or on Projects sub-site below there a tabel where i describe my programming skills 🦄.
Language Skill description Skill assessment
JavScript I programming a lot in JavaScript Expert
GoLang Go is very cool programming language i like it! Expert
C I like C but I am not memory guy and I do memory leaks ugh Beginner
C# I using C# to writing a games in unity cool language, like it Intermediate
HTML I know HTML a lot! Expert
CSS I know CSS a lot too like HTML Expert
Python Snakes are cool python too, like python to write simple things in it Intermediate
Java Java.. Java is ok. Beginner
Arduino I like electrics so Arduino is a master for beginner electronic guy Beginner/Intermediate
V I start learning V and it's sooooooooo cooolllll programming language for begginers and more more experienced Intermediate
Ruby Ruby is a great programming language for begginers and it's like Python for simple things Intermediate
/\ This table shows how I think about my skills. Please no hate

If you have some more questions, feel free to contact me and ask your questions to me 😎. I am open to cooperation proposals.

That's all about me! 👋